Honors Bio – Semester 2

06/14/17: Links for squid dissection and pond water hunt:

Teacher Guide Squid Dissection

Freshwater Plankton Guide

UK- A Simple Guide to Pond Life

06/12/07: Links for today:

TED – Ed: Why is Biodiversity So Important?

Amazon Rain Forest – An Unseen World

Cephalopod Week at MBARI

MBARI – Anthology of Deep Sea Squids

06/07/17: For homework, watch the video below. Take notes. It is fairly short but important. We are going to summarize our Winogradsky Column experiment on Monday by answering questions together. We will also be preparing for our mollusk dissection on Wednesday.  Please turn in your book if you have not. It can go to either Natashia or me.

Bozeman Science-Biodiversity

06/05/17: Links for today: There is no extra homework for today. Please get in any make up work that you have to do. You may turn in your books now. If you were absent, do the first link, “African Lions – Modeling Populations” and then answer the questions on the next link, “SG- African Lions Check In.”

African Lions – Modeling Populations


AMNH – Human Population Through Time

Worldometers – World Population Counter

05/31/17: Links for today:

HHMI Exploring Trophic Cascades Click and Learn

ASU – Explore Biomes Reading

Homework due next Monday (June 5th): Succession and Populations Sheet: The first part is watching the Bozeman Science video on succession and answering the 6 questions. The second part is reading pages 95-103 (Chapter 4.1) in your book. Answer questions 1-5 on page 103. ***You can bring your book to turn in next week.

Bozeman Science Succession Video

Succession and Populations Homework

05/24/17: Today we took a review quiz and then concluded our slime mold experiments. For homework, finish the “The Magical Forest” video. We were on minute 34, so start there and continue your notes on the amazing and important ecological connections. Due Wednesday, 5/31. Remember, there is no school on Monday, the 29th – Memorial Day.

BBC The Magical Forest – video

05/22/17: Links for today:

BBC The Magical Forest

05/15/17: There is no homework for today. We are working on our slime mold experiments. We will be displaying some of our work this Thursday evening on Curriculum Night at Chrysalis. (6:00-7:30 pm).

Bozeman Science Fungi

Bozeman Science Protists

5/10/17: Class links for today: Today we will be doing a lab activity demonstrating biomagnification, finalizing our slime mold experiments, and making observations of our two other experiments (oyster mushroom cultures and Winogradsky columns). For homework, watch this follow up video on Biomagnification. It is very short. No notes are needed this time.

Next Thursday  (5-18) is Curriculum Night at Chrysalis. It is from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.  We will be making a few group posters about our current projects during class on Monday and Wednesday.

Amoeba Sisters: Biomagnification

5/08/17: We took Chapter 2: Principles of Ecology quiz and designed our slime mold experiments. For homework,  finish your experiment design through page 3.

5/03/17: Class links for today: Questions 1-5 on page 59 are due. Monday will be a quiz over Chapter 2.  Study your Ecology PowerPoint notes, Chapter 2 summary, and vocabulary.

Ricochet Science: Domains and Kingdoms of Life

5/01/17: Homework: Read Chapter 2.2 (pages 48-59) and answer questions 1-5 on page 59. This is due this Wednesday, May 3rd. There will be a quiz over Chapter 2 on Monday, May 8th. Class links for today:

Writing Testable Science Questions


4/26/17: Homework – I am sorry that I posted this so late. Please write out a question that you could use for a slime mold experiment. Our slime molds are easy to work with, and there are many experiments you could try. Make sure your question can be easily tested. It is best to keep things simple. Ex) Does our slime mold prefer to eat whole organic oats or “Fruit Loops.” Think about how you would test your experimental question.

Extra credit available – Go outside near your home and look for examples of fungi and slime molds. Take a few photos. Be safe! (up to 10 points extra credit)

Class links for today:

How to Grow Oyster Mushrooms

Slime Mold Facts

Are You Smarter than a Slime Mold?

The Pulsating Slime Mold Comes in Peace

4/19 and 4/24/17: In class we worked on making Winogradsky columns, slime mold cultures, and took notes from an ecology slide show. Questions 1-5 from page 47 were due on Monday, April 24th.

4/17/17: We are finishing last week’s assignments and then moving on to ecology. We are making preparations for Winogradsky columns and introducing Chapter 2. “Principles of Ecology.” We are going backwards in the book! Homework due next Monday (April 24th): Read pages 36-47. Answer questions 1-5 on page 47 OR write 5 of your own questions with answers.

Winogradsky video

4/12/17: Today everybody will be working on exploring their inner animals with this interactive from HHMI:

Explore Your Inner Animals : Click and Learn

4/10/17: Going back to the ideas in Chapter 16: Primate Adaptation and Evolution

Video: HHMI Biointeractive: Your Inner Monkey

3/29/17: Links for class on Wednesday:

Coral Snake and Scarlet King Snake

Crash Course #19 – Taxonomy: Life’s Filing Sytem

Biology Junction Power Points

OSU: Trees of the Pacific Northwest Key

3/27/17: Today we had a quiz over evolution and natural selection (Chapter 15 in our textbook). We then worked on classification and the identification of gastropod shells using online guides. There is no new homework tonight. Please focus on any make-up work you may have.

3/22/17: Today we reviewed for the Chapter 15 Quiz which is on Monday. Use the Quizlet flash cards below to study at home. Also, review the Chapter 15 summary on page 425. I will use some of the questions that students wrote over the last week as well as those similar to the assessment on pages 425-427. Of course there will be extra credit for a joke or cartoon related to evolution and natural selection. In class we started classification and will continue next week.

Chapter 15 Flash Cards – Quizlet

3/20/17: Today we did an activity called, “Bean Bunny Evolution: Modeling Gene Frequency Change in a Population by Natural Selection.”  There is no new homework unless you did not complete and turn in your lab today.  Make sure it is completed before next class. Part of Wednesday will be a review day for Chapter 15, and there will be a quiz on Monday, the 27th.


3/15/17: We are continuing with the Nova Evolution Labs. Complete through mission 3 or 4 on your own in class today. We are also going to look at shell design through an evolutionary perspective. Homework will be to complete read the rest of Chapter 15 (pages 412-421) and write 4 quiz questions, including correct answers.

3/13/17: Today we focused on the Nova Evolution Labs. If you did not get through mission 2, finish that as homework. Make sure that you created a logon password for the site. Otherwise, it does not keep your progress and won’t let you advance to the next mission.

Nova Evolution Labs

3/08/17: Today we did a predator/prey natural selection activity, watched a video about a real situation involving the evolution of the rock pocket mouse,  and then started the Nova Evolution Lab examples. We will continue working on the Nova Evolution Labs in class on Monday. For homework, read Chapter 15.1 (pages 400-411). Write 4 questions that might be good on a quiz. Include the correct answers of course. Try to make the questions vary in difficulty. It is tough to write good questions. If you have not completed your time period poster, finish that up too. Posters and supplies are on my office file cabinet if needed.

Natural Selection and Evolution in Rock Pocket Mice – HHMI Biointeractive

Nova Evolution Labs

3/06/17: Class links. There was no extra homework for today. Students who have not finished their time period poster must do so on their own time now. Please have yours finished by the end of this week.  Make sure you have watched the Bozeman Science – “Origin of Life – Scientific Evidence” video we saw in class last week if you were absent. Take notes.

The Origin of Species: The Making of a Theory

3/01/17: During class today, most people finished their time period posters. If you were absent, some time will be giving during class to work on these Monday. You will probably have to finish your poster outside of class. We also watched a video from Bozeman Science called, “The Origin of Life – Scientific Evidence” and took notes using a concept map.  The links are here, so you can make this up as homework if you were not in class today.

Bozeman Science – The Origin of Life – Scientific Evidence   –   video

apbio-011theoriginoflife-scientificevidencecmpdf   –  concept map

2/22/17: Class materials and homework for today are below. During class we watched the video, “The Day the Mesozoic Died,” took notes, and answered quiz questions. If you were absent, please watch and take notes. For homework, complete the “Earth Viewer” online questions that I handed out. Be aware that the  Quaternary and Tertiary periods are now divided into the Neogene and Paleogene periods. These are the newer period names based on more current findings. However, you still see the older names in many places.


Earth Viewer Online

The Day the Mesozoic Died – Short Film

2/15/17:  Class materials for Wednesday:

Video: The Evolution of Life in 60 Seconds

ASAP Science Video – The Evolution of Life on Earth

BuzzFeed Video – Evolution on Earth in 60 Seconds

2/13/17: Today (Monday) we spent the entire class constructing scaled timelines of the history of our planet. *No homework for those who already turned in their time period reports.

2/08/2017: Today we finished the bioethics activities and are moving onto the history of life on earth. Each student randomly picked two time periods to explore and report back on. Next week we will start to compile our information into a scaled timeline. Use the textbook (Chapter 14) along with websites to gather information. Some useful sites are listed below. The time period reports are due Monday, Feb. 13th.

Nova Online – A Brief History of Life

HHMI Biointeractive – Deep History of Life

2/01/2017: Homework for today is to read the bioethics case, “Super-Sized Salmon” or another that you might have taken. Fill out the “Four Key Questions and Statement of Position and Justification.” We will discuss these in class on Monday. Also, be looking out for bioethics cases you hear about in the news. We will be gathering a list of current issues to consider.

1/30/2017: Homework for today is to read, “DNA – The Golden Key of Forensic Evidence.” We will use the DNA fingerprints we made today to solve crimes on Wednesday. We will then go on to study more genetic technology advances and start exploring a short bioethics unit from the National Institutes of Health.